It was always you, again

It was always you, again

February 7, 2020

It was always you, again. The reason we placed the word again in that title is to point out that we had given this message years ago. This morning, Roger was engaged in his usual routine of listening to inspirational or motivational videos. Typically he follows his instincts or us, but he attempted to go against that. Then he went back to where we had directed him, or his instincts. Roger heard the most profound wisdom coming from those who you would never expect to possess such deep levels of understanding. Then he heard us say it was always you who didn’t believe. Then he went to see if we had given that message, which we had, but it was hacked on the website, and Roger couldn’t change it. He did find it in his files and posted it today. We had him go through this much trouble because this message is vital to him and you.

December 29, 2016

It was always you. This message may be a bit difficult for you to accept at first until you discover that it leads you to the empowerment you seek.

You will examine your life and question why you have yet to accomplish or achieve the things you desired in your life. Then you will discover all the reasons why you believe that did not occur. Then you will think it was because of others or certain conditions and circumstances in your life that caused that not to occur. Now that is where you become proficient at using blame as your excuse.

Then certain things begin to fall into place, so to speak, and alignment in your life shows up, and it seems that a magical path has opened up. What actually occurred is that you became willing to be you. It was always you.


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