It was all a means to an end

It was all a means to an end

May 14, 2019

You are finding it physically uncomfortable to allow this message to come through, but that experience you will find will aid you in understanding this message. What you are feeling is your resistance, which you have experienced your entire life. We remind you of your dream of 2005 that you continually attempt to ignore.

What you heard, and didn’t want to was. “it was all a means to an end.” That sentence is one that you all come to understand but typically after you leave your body, but you have known this for a while but didn’t want to acknowledge it because of your ever-present fear of judgment.

You then allowed yourself to move into situations where you could no longer ignore what you truly want to do in your life. Here is what we want all to understand. You cannot re-litigate the past, and the only reason you attempt to do so is because of your guilt and believing you did something wrong. You did not, and it was all a means to an end.


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