It is still a wonderful life

It is still a wonderful life

December 29, 2019

It is still a wonderful life. This message will do wonders for many of you, including Roger. Roger continually heard us referring to a message we delivered some time ago entitled, "It’s A Wonderful Life." He didn’t understand why we were having him remember this, and as is usual for him, Roger doesn’t trust our guidance, as much of our audience do not trust themselves. We told Roger to just go with it and see what happens. Many of you have expressed to Roger that you felt our words were speaking directly to you. They were! When you have those experiences, you don’t trust them, as Roger doesn’t trust our urgings. This is typical human behavior, but it is also purposeful, as we will demonstrate.

The reason we wanted Roger to refer to and post that earlier message is that now with the passage of time, it will make sense. You each live your lives with little or no appreciation for who you are and the contribution you could make to others and the world at large. To prove the point, we gave Roger an experience yesterday. While in counseling with a client he had not seen for a while, Roger was distressed to hear the client tell him of a choice they had made in their life that Roger knew from his experience, would not turn out well, and it was a choice made out of desperation. Roger could not change what had occurred, but what did have an impact was that had he decided to embrace what we had given him in that message many years ago, the outcome for his client, your world, and his life might have been different.
Contemplate all this, and remember it is never too late to have a wonderful life. Yes, we are speaking directly to you.

December 25, 2015

The reason the film "It’s A Wonderful Life" resonates so much for you and so many others is that it speaks to the core of your being. It is especially important that you might take this day to remember or fully understand its meaning.

It was such a prolific and profound film that seemed to you to be before its time, but in actuality, it exists in immortality and eternity. The message is the world would not be the same if you had not decided to be here and be who you are.

That is the core meaning and the heart, if you will, of your existence and also what you strive to know, understand, and finally accept.

No one knows the impact that they may have on the world before they have made that impact. That is the full meaning of faith.


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