It is never about the other person

It is never about the other person

May 22, 2019

It is never about the other person. We will venture to say that if you and others choose to accept the wisdom of this message, you will change your lives profoundly. There is no one better to deliver this message than you. You have been in communication with us since 1988, as you remember, at the time, you couldn’t accept you were receiving anything of value. We said we were another part of you, but if that made you uncomfortable, you could call us whatever you like, and our name was born. You have yet to fully accept this, which is why you are the perfect messenger.

Since none of you will garner acceptance of this, let’s make it a game, and you will understand the title of this communication. Remember, make it fun.

Before you were born, you held specific intentions of who you wanted to be, and what you wanted to accomplish. You agreed to allow everything that would help you to show up. We gave you that
information in the law of attraction message. So, every person then fits into that dynamic. When you accept this, you will begin thanking everyone who has shown up. The reason you are reluctant to accept or believe this is that you will no longer hold the illusion of other people holding you back, and now your life is in your hands. That is what you wanted.



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