It feels so great to be you

It feels so great to be you

July 28, 2020
It feels so great to be you. Yes, we are speaking to you directly, and the only difficulty you have had in your life is due to you not knowing that fact. The reasons you may take a while to understand this may not even be due to your thoughts and actions, but also the ones you have accepted and still carry with you. We will tell a story to explain.

Some time ago, we delivered a message entitled, "Transparency and liberation are the same." Not even Roger understood that fully until yesterday. Roger had this urge to send a communication to his subscriber list, which was inspired by his watching a ceremony for Rep. John Lewis. Have you ever thought about why you require the actions of others to inspire you? The answer is you all fear change. Your level of accepting that fear of change is different for each, and yours does serve a purpose.

In the video Roger recorded, he recounted things about his life he had never revealed publicly. However, this time, unlike where he might have done this and hidden himself away after, he now felt the liberation of which we spoke. As he took that leap, we allowed him to see another erroneous belief he carried, which each of you has, and it will also explain the current social disruptions you are witnessing in your country and the entire world. You are in the midst of a global shift.

When Roger was younger, he always noted that his skin tone was darker than the rest of his family. He would make jokes and say, "I must have been adopted!" When Roger would go out to play, his mother would say to him, "stay out of the sun because you don’t want to get too dark." His mother said those words as she thought it was protecting him in some manner because of the culture at the time. Unknowingly Roger carried that erroneous belief that somehow being darker was bad. How could he have ever hoped to feel great about being him while holding that belief?

That story is within each of you in your own way. As you resolve this conflict within yourself, it will manifest in the world, and that is the healing you all seek. You are one of the last ones to come to know how great it feels to be you.

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