Isn’t this fun?

Isn’t this fun?

July 22, 2019

Isn’t this fun? We are using that title, so you and others become a bit more eager to receive this message. As you consciously decide to remain conscious as you move through your life, the revelations that come to you increase, and many of them surprise you, but also most times you stumble upon things you have been doing that withhold your expansion. We know those words are strange, but they will make sense.

Long ago, you discovered an idea you had about selfishness that did not serve you. But now you see how that caused you to develop a sense of responsibility for the actions of others, In other words, if you offered them something of value and wisdom, and if they don’t accept it, you become wrong. Now decide to become selfish, own what you have come to know, and share it with others, and hold no responsibility for what they receive. This message is for you and anyone else who desires to be of service to others.


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