Ignorance is not bliss

Ignorance is not bliss

September 1, 2021
Ignorance is not bliss. We are giving you information today that will lead to our next live talk on Sunday. It is pretty surprising to Roger, for he is beginning to understand that most of what we have given him, and you, by extension, is the premise of this message. And it relates to you, your world, and this restructuring.

Many of you have moved through your lives believing that the key to your salvation was to adopt the original line that ignorance is bliss. That was coined by humans who falsely thought they desired safety in the human physical experience, which was one of your first accepted erroneous beliefs.

We know we are cryptic, but it makes delivering the information more fun, especially when Roger does not know where we are taking him. And when we extract instances from his personal life to aid you all and the world. You will come to understand that one as well.

So to top off today, we will give a story that strangely enough occurred last night and holds all the aspects of your restructuring, which, of course, is then that of your world. Roger’s friend sent him a text last night noting that he lined up an incredible opportunity that his father provided that would give him gainful employment until December. A short while later, the friend sent another message which said the deal was now off as they had a big fight with their father because the father had the nerve to call his son "AVERAGE," which was typed in all caps for emphasis. Now he has no money and no opportunity.

We told Roger to text back that it should not matter what anyone calls you, for you know who you are. Roger did not listen to us but instead said, "Apologize, for that feels like your next move." You each will first come to apologize to yourselves, for you are the ones who believed you were average, and you thought using ignorance would cause you not to notice how unwilling you have been to own your brilliance. But that is also why we planned the Sunday talks for you all.

This restructuring was the one you wanted, so you might own the genius within you, for it is within everyone. But more of you reading this now also know those parts of yourself you have not valued, but now you will because the world "needs" you, which we will also explain, and you will be fine.

Join us Sunday! "Conversations with Wilhlem" A Sunday Series" Register here: https://bit.ly/3DbhFg5

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