If you share who you are, your world might change

If you share who you are, your world might change

July 22, 2021
If you share who you are, your world might change. Yes, we do mean you, for you would not be in the world now if you were not meant to make a difference in this current restructuring and your evolution.

You were born to offer something to the world, and that gift is what is uniquely you. When you do not understand what that may be, you might have moved through your life with many doubts and fears. You may have also thought your failed, or possibly you were being punished for something you cannot remember. Part of that is correct, but it was never meant to be punishment.

We are still delivering information in smaller doses because it is more effective, and we will continue on the 25th. We will give you one story that will further explain this restructuring within you and your world.

We have often said that Roger discovers some information long after it appears that others had known this information. What actually happened was we allowed him to see certain things he could accept, which caused him to receive more which is what you each are doing now. When you receive tangible proof of your intuitive feelings, as Roger has, the world would benefit from that knowledge. But it would be best if you did it in your way, which means sharing who you are.

We mentioned last week that Roger arbitrarily decided to have an Akashic Records reading. The event itself was validation for him, but the other thing that occurred was that the reader felt something different with him, so she decided to follow us. Then we told you Roger had his memory of being introduced to Edgar Cayce’s material in 1969 but never investigated further until now. Last night we had him recognize that Cayce was the one who coined the term Akashic Records, and now it makes sense to Roger why he was here now, and he had a greater understanding of what is occurring within him and your world. If he had known before, he would not have been as helpful now, and the same is true for you. Nothing arbitrary happens in your life.

We will continue this conversation, but you will be fine if you share who you are. You are essential at this time.

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