If you pretend you can’t see, then you won’t

If you pretend you can’t see, then you won’t

July 16, 2021
If you pretend you can’t see, then you won’t. Please pay attention to this message, for we took Roger on an extraordinary journey to provide it for you. It will help you immensely as you navigate through your current restructuring and that of your world.

You each were born to be alive at this moment to further your expansion. This particular shift in your world is massive, so it would feel that way within you if you do not understand what is occurring. Now we have told Roger for decades what is happening, but he, like you might have done, believed he could not be the one to make a difference. Or what he thought he was in the world to do was impossible. It is not for him or you, and we will illustrate why.

Roger knows that we are giving him the information he will provide to two groups he sees today and a client for which this knowledge will be transformational. He also knows we are leading up the information we will give you all on the 25th. Some of you are still frightened of that one.

A few days ago, Roger had an urge, of course, planted in him by us, precisely as your guides provide you with information. But depending on how long you have denied your gifts, it may be challenging for you to accept your importance in the world, but we will continue to help.

We told him to have a call with his brothers, for it has become a tactic he uses to become safe in delivering and owning what he knows. He revealed to them writings we had given going back to 1989, and he admitted he spent his life hiding this for fear of judgment. Then whenever he would read the messages now, and the truth of them is evident, it becomes increasingly more difficult to deny his gift, as it will become increasingly more difficult for you to restrict your gifts, for they do exist.

Before the meeting last night, he was with a group of women who are such bright lights, and they felt more comfortable with that, for they were with like-minded people, which will be essential for you to all during this period. Some of the older ones, like Roger, had difficulty accepting the spiritual aspects of themselves. Still, two nineteen-year-old women expressed wisdom and knowledge that Roger wishes he had possed at that age, but it also gave him great hope for the further of your world.

We need to continue this in smaller doses which will be a lead up to the 25th. Let us first explain the title. When Roger awakened this morning, he could not see. His vision was so blurry that he couldn’t see the computer, and it was momentarily frightening until he remembered what was occurring, which we helped him "see."

We led him to a video by Lewis Howes, who spoke of his morning routine. Roger felt it was a good routine he had, but it was not Roger’s, and the point is for each of you to find and own your way. Then Lewis mentioned Dr. Daniel Amen, and Roger knew that he was familiar, so he looked him up, and indeed, it was a doctor he was led to who spoke of neuroscience and wrote the book "Change Your Brain and Change Your life." Was this all accidental?

Since Roger’s brain has changed, he also knew his temporary blindness was because his medication had not yet taken effect. We are speaking of this here, for Roger has known he is here now to help further his evolution and that of your world in his unique way through a greater understanding of the unifying forces of science, spirituality, and human potential.

We apologize, well Roger apologizes, for the length of this message, but we wanted to make an impression which we will continue later, but you will be fine.

"Guidance from Wilhelm – Your Questions Welcomed" July 25th, Register here: https://bit.ly/3B6wlvTWilhelm

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