If you continue to move forward, healing will occur

If you continue to move forward, healing will occur

July 19, 2021
If you continue to move forward, healing will occur. We are speaking to you, why you are in the world now, and what you wanted to achieve on your evolutionary journey. And we are speaking of the current restructuring of you and your world.

Roger had difficulty finding the correct human words for this message. We don’t tend to use words that engender measurement, such as forward, because many of you have used comparisons to hold back the very expansion you wanted to experience.

We will give you a short explanation here, for we are still leading up to our conversation on the 25th for more of you will be receptive to the information.
You were born to achieve something in your life that would cause your soul’s journey to expand. As you accomplish that, the world evolves. You do not know precisely what those things may be, and you do not know what conditions might exist when you attempt to do this, but we are saying that time is now, or you would not be reading our words.

Some of you, like Roger, have felt that you were given challenges and difficulties you would not have desired, but that is never true. You just don’t have that memory. We will use one of Roger’s to aid you, and as we move forward, we will continue to do so; now that Roger is accepting more of his journey, as will you, and all the difficulties will make sense.

The other day while organizing some papers, Roger found a folder that contained a dream he had in 2005 that he attempted to ignore because it held the vision of what he believed he was meant to do and doubted. When he examined that folder again, he noticed another paper that caused him to remember another thing that occurred that same year. He healed the headaches that haunted him for decades because he allowed himself to see the dream.

You have a dream within you that was meant to be fulfilled now because the more of you who do so, you will create the life you desired and the world you wanted. We will have all this make sense, and you will be fine.

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