If you change, you will heal the world

If you change, you will heal the world

September 6, 2020
If you change, you will heal the world. If that statement sounds too grandiose to you, you have uncovered the source of the difficulties you have experienced in your life. You are witnessing the results of your actions playing out in your world and specifically the United States.

We told you your world was undergoing a massive restructuring, and the only manner in which that may manifest is through you. Each of you has felt insignificant in your lives in some way or at some time. You each can recognize specific characteristics or qualities you have that feel to you to be problems, challenges, or insecurities. Those very things are the ones you have attempted to eradicate for quite a while, and you knew this time in your earthly experience would be the most suitable time for you to heal those wounds, for that is what they are. But you also fear and resist change, and that is the conflict that is currently on grand display in the United States, but we assure you this condition also holds the healing you seek, and it begins with you.

We told Roger to do his job, as we have said to each of you. We also said the surprising thing about that is your job is the thing most natural to each of you that you have ignored. It means honoring every aspect of you. Roger could not honor his job, which was just to be love because that seemed like a feminine characteristic: which is needed in the world now precisely, and the United States. Now, if he can own this for himself, he will experience his healing as will the world.

We wanted that entire paragraph to feel like the most grandiose and verbose statement we might make because your only challenge in life has been not believing it, but now you will. Be patient.

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