If you change, so will the world

If you change, so will the world

July 12, 2021
If you change, so will the world. We are speaking to you for there are no exceptions to the information we will give you now. You each come into the world to evolve to further your evolutionary journey, which creates the world you know.

The difficulty each of you might experience is making that leap in your consciousness to believe that you could make that difference, and again that is where you are wrong. You only think you haven’t been granted that unique ability to make a difference, but that is only due to how you have programmed your thinking. Now you will understand why we had Roger study neuroscience.

We will tie this all together a bit more here. Still, we will also hold more sessions in person, for they will aid you all, especially Roger. When we held the session yesterday, it was almost shocking to Roger that everything we had given him began to make sense, so he had an emotional response when the awareness came to him. But now we will give him and you a little more.

We had Roger begin the session by posting the word coherence. He thought that all of it came through yesterday, but we brought in more today, and this explanation will help you. We used coherence, which many of you will experience now if you open your thinking. Some of you call this the divine plan of your life, and that it is.

Roger did not know why we picked yesterday for the session, and when he saw that it was also the day of Richard Branson’s launch, he knew there must have been a connection. Then he remembered that Richard also has ADHD, and he and Roger are the same age. Roger also knows that you each will see those in front of you who will serve as examples to assure you. Roger also knows that each of you is meant to do the same, including him, but you step into doubt and fear. You were meant to do that as well, for you are in the world now to move through limitations for yourself and the world.

The other part of the coherence was this. We have often referred to the year 1986, but we did so for another reason that will help you all. In that year, Roger began life coaching and began receiving the desired result with his client, but he stopped because he did not trust and believe in himself. Now Roger knows why we gave you all the message, "don’t give up this time."

You each are at that point in your lives, but the place you are now in your life is more important for the evolution of your world, for this is a major shift that will require you to change. And that change is to believe in yourself, and as we said, don’t give up this time, and you will be fine.

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