I love myself

I love myself

September 16, 2019

I love myself. Many of you will examine that statement and recognize it as the goal you have been seeking, while at the same time realizing you are not entirely able to mouth those words. You then continually ask yourself why and assume that you are missing something that others have found. Roger would like for you to appreciate the great lengths to which he is willing to go in ignoring his pride to deliver this message. He could not utter those words with confidence until recently, and then only momentarily, which is also part of the evolutionary process.

Then we had Roger “mysteriously” hear a recording where the speaker repeated the phrase, “the truth shall set you free.” Now it all makes sense to him, and hopefully will for you. We will now give you what he discovered, which you all can accomplish.

He examined his life experiences, conditions, and circumstances, and decided to believe that they all had meaning and purpose. As he did that, he found both. Then when he understood that, he could release the judgment he had placed on himself. Then he could appreciate where he is now in his life due to all of those occurrences. Now the truth did set him free, and he could say, finally, “I love myself.” You all can do this.


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