I am that powerful

I am that powerful

November 5, 2017

I am that powerful. Please repeat that sentence over and over again with the intention of believing it, owning it, and decide to live it in your life. You always have access to that power unless you are blocking it, cutting it off, or allowing fear to prevent you from experiencing that state of being.

You had an experience designed to point this out to you. You envisioned something you desired, didn’t worry about it too much, and then what seemed to you to be magical, events, people, and
circumstances came together to deliver that result. Now to make sure you did not miss this, all the events appeared to have nothing to do with you, and some of them seemed accidental on the surface. None of it was random, and that is the part most essential for you to understand and accept.

You do this all the time in your life but don’t always know it and usually don’t believe you are that powerful. Now hopefully you no longer require proof.


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