How you feel when you find yourself finally

How you feel when you find yourself finally

June 29, 2020
Joyful is how you feel when you find yourself finally. You each move through your lives with the belief that to live a happy and successful life would be achieved if you discovered what you were to do and then believed you could do just that. The difficulty you have in this quest is finding and holding the belief. Do not worry. You will find it whether you do in this lifetime or another, you will always discover it. It does not matter if you understand that sentence; you will understand the rest of the message.

For the more significant part of his life, Roger has held inclinations, you might say of who he wanted to be or become. None of it was tangible or visible to him, so finding any level of belief in what he might have felt was challenging at best. You have felt the same way about something you thought you were "supposed" to do in your life. The reason you and Roger had challenges is that you believed what you were to do must have already been done by others and who are you to think you could add anything to the equation? Now you have an idea of Roger’s thinking most of his life.

Yesterday Roger went on his walk and turned on a video. He thought it might be a good one for his roommate, so he forwarded the video to him. But next another video appeared, and this time we told Roger that was the video we wanted Roger to send. We did not let go of this, and Roger did not let go of having his roommate listen as Roger was trusting his guidance. The result was the roommate felt it might have been the single most important thing he might have heard in his life.

Later that day, Roger did a podcast interview with his protege. During the meeting, the interviewer continually referred to Roger as his mentor. Now we will say Roger felt that might be true, but did not readily accept that title as after all; Roger thought just as you did, that others have done whatever he might. This morning we led Roger to a video from Napoleon Hill, which Roger had not seen. Roger stared at it for a bit before listening because he knew it was about to reveal something we had orchestrated. What Roger heard were words he had said in his interview the night before, which Roger had enhanced, as each of you will do when you find yourselves.

As Roger listened to the video, tears came to his eyes. They were tears of joy because that is how it feels when you finally find yourself because you recognize you had it all along, and you are meant to add to all those who came before. We will help you all.

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