How you create your personal reality

How you create your personal reality

May 25, 2018

You inadvertently had an experience yesterday where you realized how you create your personal reality. It was necessary for it to be inadvertent so you might notice it because it is not how you and most others are accustomed to living. It is also essential you recognize you realized it rather than discovered it, for it was never hidden.

Your story will help many others. You were involved in a disagreement with another person which caused you to divert your attention from the project you were attempting to create. You and the other person eventually recognized what you wanted to gain from the disagreement, and you were able to direct your attention back to your creation, or your reality.

You noticed that even though you were in the midst of a distraction, your desire for what you were creating called your attention more. You create your personal reality by deciding to use your focused attention in each moment of now on the thing you desire. Study this earnestly.


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