How you are to understand your life now

How you are to understand your life now

November 29, 2020
How you are to understand your life now. As we keep repeating, it seems so odd to many of you what is occurring, but you are moving through a massive restructuring within you. Yes, we know we have said of the world, but the problem each of you has maintained over millennia is not understanding that you are the world, and in your wisdom, you orchestrated the current times. We love how confusing that is, for it works well for Roger. He attempts to figure things out, no matter how incoherent. Due to this, he has also come to understand the purpose of his restructuring is to help you come to know yours.

When you were born, you had inclinations, dreams, or desires of what you wanted to do in your life. If you had believed you could have done this, you would not have needed to create a pandemic, conflicts, strife, and fear. All those elements are what all humans use individually to cause your world to continue on its spiral of evolution.

Then we come back to you. As you move through your life, you receive glimpses of what you wanted to accomplish, as we have said before. But because, as you know, it exists in that unknown territory, you fear yourself. Every word we are using in this message is intentional, but it may take time to awaken your awareness.

Yesterday we threw many at Roger, and we will leave one to stir your imagination as you are here to do your thing and not necessarily Roger’s. Two days ago, Roger received a phone call, which he termed "out of the blue," from a former associate who offered to provide Roger with the assistance he had sought in his business. Then yesterday, a former client called, yes, "out of the blue", who had another offer for Roger that could potentially involve more than he imagined.

Then we tied it all together at the end of the day only so we might have a great story for your understanding. Roger recorded a video earlier and sent it to his associate to add some simple branding. It took quite a while, Roger thought, but he didn’t want to call and ask what was occurring, and he didn’t want to ask for too much. You know, like you have done your entire life. Then the associate explained the delay, sent the video, and tears came to Roger’s eyes as they did this morning with this message. He received more than he imagined. Roger recognized what he needed was always there if he were willing to ask and know he would receive, instead of holding that old persistent doubt.

That story is how you understand your life now, for you have only doubted yourself and your journey. Still, now due to all the factors in the world, you will own more of you as Roger is, but now he is also devoted to helping you because he knows you will do the same for others, which was the entire point of the pandemic! Yes, we wanted that emphasis to remind you, you will be fine.

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