How to understand the human condition and dilemma

How to understand the human condition and dilemma

April 25, 2019

How to understand the human condition and dilemma. This message may seem to you to be the strangest you have received from us, but it is one that you could not have received until now as it would not have been as impactful for you and others.

First, there is a message we sent you decades ago through a Ouija board, where you were told that you go so far in your life, and then you stop and retreat. You have always done this as do most humans, which is why you wanted your life to become an example for others. Please write that precise line here when you find it.

(May 22, 1988 “Now it is not my intent to cast aspersions on what you have accomplished in counseling, in singing, in your personal life; I only meant to point at that place where suddenly you stop, pull back, and draw down an invisible wall between you an your subject, usually just before reaching an emotional epiphany. It is a natural function of the pussyfoot ego, and nothing to ‘beat yourself over the head with’ but how much more genuinely helpful your counsel would be, how moving your singing, how life-transforming your relationships, if this ‘barrier’ could be penetrated with love and benevolent confidence”. Koera)

You proceeded to move through your life ignoring that line, which is what most humans do because you can’t believe that you could receive information or guidance from something unknown you cannot define, so you never share those feelings with others for fear of being judged. Every person reading this will find these incidents in their lives because it is the human condition.

Now you have always proclaimed that every soul is born with purpose and intention, yet you attempted to ignore yours. You can no longer do this, and your example will help move others to live fully.


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