How to save a life

How to save a life

July 15, 2021
How to save a life. We wanted Roger to use a provocative title so more might hear our words, for they will be helpful during the restructuring of your world and you.

You each are born into the world to evolve. You are given unique lives, situations, and circumstances that once you understand and accept them, you cause your evolution and that of the world, for you are all one.

Roger has long known or felt that his role here was to marry personal development, science, and spirituality. He has done this quite well, except that he did not accept all of it, as you may not have done. Many of you do that due to your judgment that of others and your society in general. You came to break generational norms.

We mentioned that Roger found himself studying neuroscience the other day for more than four hours, and surprisingly to him, it made sense and kept his interest. He did a bit more today, and that is what we will speak on now.

A few days ago, Roger received a distressing email from a client who attempted suicide. Some time ago, Roger was ready to give up on this client, but of course, he finds that difficult to do. He decided to have a meeting with this client, and even though others around Roger had advised him that possibly his awareness of ADHD might be overblown, Roger knew that was not the case.

The other day Roger had a meeting with a counselor as he thought maybe he would gain some helpful information, but while speaking with them, the counselor asked Roger if he had considered going back to college for the world would need professors such as him.

When Roger had the meeting with the client, he discovered they had several doctors, including a psychiatrist, and none of them had diagnosed what Roger did. They had incorrectly diagnosed this patient, which Roger can easily see led to that suicide attempt.

You each hold judgments about yourselves and others as well as what you deem to be disabilities. We led Roger to a video this morning that showed him many of his past difficulties, which he could never understand, had their genesis in this undiagnosed condition. It can be challenging for many of you to accept your role in this life due to your judgments.

We will not do more today, for there is an upcoming meeting today that will provide more context to the information we wish you all to have, which will aid this current restructuring. We will complete much more of this segment to assist you in this restructuring on July 25th.

You each will discover that you are here now to perform a helpful service in the evolution of your world when you accept your part, which means every aspect of you, and then you save a life, namely yours and all others for you are all one. You will be fine.

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