How to manifest what you want

How to manifest what you want

August 11, 2019

How to manifest what you want. Now that Roger is beginning to move beyond his self-judgment, we can give you something meaningful. He began to hear this message coming, and the first thing he thought was, “I should have known this.” That particular judgment is never helpful because it indicates that you have yet to understand the process of evolving. Roger has often commented that he is surprised at how many of our messages have been repeated, almost verbatim. You come to understand and accept wisdom gradually.

Now, here is that story, again, but you will now understand more. In 1982, Roger moved to California. He had no job, source of income, and relied on a friend for his housing. He saw the release of the brand new Chevrolet Camaro. He thought this was the most beautiful car, and he said, “I will have that car.” Without any money or idea of how that could happen, he placed it out of his head and therefore never negated his original statement. Months later he had the car, and today he cannot tell you how it occurred precisely.

That is all we will tell you now, as it will be more beneficial for you to extract the meaning of this message. And when you do entirely, you will manifest what you want.

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