How to live the rest of your life

How to live the rest of your life

February 4, 2019

How to live the rest of your life, be happy, have everything you want, and expand, all of which you intended to do before you were born. It is not important whether or not you believe that. We will give you step by step instructions, and if you follow them, very soon you will come to believe that previous statement.

First, you become willing to move into life experiences even when you are not sure where they are leading you. Then you assess the results you received from those experiences. Please note we said assess and not judge. Then you use discernment from your accumulated knowledge from your experiences and make new choices in your moment of now as to where you want to go now because you also realize you have expanded more. The only rule in this is to make those new choices because they feel the best to you now. Now rinse and repeat. That’s all.


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