How to have everything you want

How to have everything you want

July 26, 2019

We are now going to give you a statement that is true for every single human being. Some of you will believe it now, others will come to know the truth of it after you die, but none of you “leave” existence without experiencing this truth. Open your mind now, and here it is. To have everything you want, you only have to be everything that you are.

We have attempted to use Roger as a communicator of this message, as he has known it was what he considered to be his purpose, but he, like most of you, resist this notion, so it does not manifest in your lives. But we are clever, and we fooled him. Some time ago, he was inspired to speak our words and recorded them. That recording “magically” became attached to his email transmissions of the messages. Someone asked why it was there every day? He didn’t know and couldn’t find how to eliminate it, and attributed this oddity to his mother; which is correct as we are all connected. But more
importantly, we did that in the hope he and many of you would hear it now. Having it be somewhat mystical, maybe you’ll attempt to receive its wisdom, and actualize the title of the message in your lives.


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