How to get over your fear of judgment

How to get over your fear of judgment

October 30, 2019

How to get over your fear of judgment. We wanted that long title, and we had to fight with Roger to allow it to come through. The reason Roger resisted this is that he knows this particular fear has been the greatest impediment in his life to becoming the person he wanted to be. You all have this fear to a certain degree, but you each will allow certain fears to hold more power. All of them, however, are unfounded.

Yesterday, Roger had a client who questioned why they procrastinated about doing pretty much anything. Roger said it was his fear of not being able to accomplish what he wanted or that they may not have the ability. Then it came to because it might fail, and then others would judge them. Roger knew that the law of attraction was at work because he was recognizing what he needed to see because he’s been doing it for years.

We gave him a message on this some years ago, and reading it now will be impactful for him and you. The solution he devised then was to do things that he knew might elicit judgment. He would then sit in the emotional pain of, allow it to pass and feel a greater sense of freedom each time. Practice.

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