How to end self-doubt

How to end self-doubt

May 20, 2020
How to end self-doubt. We know that many of you might have flocked to this message as you feel that is the one issue you have yet to resolve. First of all, you would do well to acknowledge that self-doubt is a common and necessary part of human existence. If you never doubted anything, you would never ask questions, and you and your world would cease to evolve.

The most obvious and logical answer to how to end doubt is to do the thing that you doubt. Most answers to your human queries are simple and quite obvious, but you pass over them, mainly due to self-doubt. That sentence will make sense to you soon.

We led Roger to a message we delivered some years ago, which we will post at the end, that will tie everything together nicely. Yesterday Roger was working on his online program and had an idea he felt might cause it to be more effective. Roger did not trust this completely and called his associate to discuss the idea. The idea was, Roger wanted to read the parts of the program that are in text form as questions and exercises instead of merely having the participant read the material. Roger thought to have his voice included would deliver his intention for the program, which is to have the individual feel they are being guided, as we do with him. They both thought this had not been done in programs of this nature, which is why we said he "should" do it. The only instances where we use the word should is when it refers to something you might do that cause you to evolve if evolving is your intention.

Today they decided to do a test of the idea Roger had, and we will deliver the results of that tomorrow. We will tell you now they will be magnificent.

December 23, 2016

Please study the lyrics to the song "My Way" and then attempt to own them and live them out in your own life. The word attempt is used here purposefully to point out to you how often you live in a manner precisely the opposite of what is suggested in the song.

You will discount your experiences, ignore your instincts, and then begin to think that you must conform to the way of someone else. Your experiences are valid. Your life is valid. Your beliefs are valid. All of this is what provides texture and meaning to your life.

You possess a very potent idea right now, but that will never come to fruition and accomplish what you desired for yourself and all others unless you do it your way.

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