How to be successful

How to be successful

October 29, 2018

We are now going to give you the key to life, or how to be successful, in the form of an admonition, of sorts. We will forewarn you that you will first reject, argue against, or attempt to find exception with this statement, but you will not.

So here is what you wanted to know which is the key, and the how-to of living your life, to experience the type of success you desire. Stop being afraid, and do something.

Your first defense will be that you cannot stop being afraid. Yes, you can indeed, but that only occurs when you notice that the fear is there, and offers no physical danger, and you know it means it is there for you to move over and evolve.

Then you come to understand that the only reason you do not honor the second part of this urging, do something, is because of fear. Understand and accept this, and you will “soar.”


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