How to be happy again

How to be happy again

November 22, 2019

How to be happy again. We said again because you will all come to know that either in this lifetime of after, we promise. It took a while for this message to flow from Roger, but not for the usual reasons. Typically he is resistant to receiving information, but this time he is receiving so much he is attempting to organize it in terms you will understand.

First of all, this morning, we directed him to search our message for the phrase, “you can’t go back.” As Roger performed the search, he was surprised to find how many times we have spoken on this topic. We have done that because each of you do not always accept that you are in a continual state of evolving so you don’t come to new awareness of who you are. Now because you have become accustomed to your known experiences of who you thought you were, and you fear the unknown, you set up difficult situations in your lives to cause you to seek comfort. So what you come to understand is that you are only ever unhappy when you are refusing to be who you are. That is what Roger did, and due to that he can give you the path to happiness. Ready?

Listen to your inner voice and decide to believe it. Let go of the opinions of others, or any comparison to others. Do not value yourself in any physical measurements such as money or possessions. Then finally, decide that it is much too uncomfortable to do anything else, and you are determined to be happy. Oh, Happy Thanksgiving by the way.


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