How to allow your ego to help you

How to allow your ego to help you

January 10, 2019

How to allow your ego to help you. That is the provocative title we would like you to use, and it is indeed what you are here to teach, as you sensed. First, begin with your definition of ego, which is a separate entity you have created in an effort to keep you safe.

You have known of this principle for a while but could not live it effectively or express it until now. A very narrow definition that will serve you now is, your ego produces a fear response within you as you attempt to move into a greater acceptance of who you are. The new place you desire to go is unknown which cause the ego to raise and produce fear because it is unknown. When you recognize this occurring and decide to keep going, your ego has helped you. The next message will reveal ways to identify the operation of the ego.


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