How is this happening?

How is this happening?

June 11, 2019

How is this happening? That question is one that you and others would do well to ask yourselves often, but then also decide to believe the answers you are receiving. You have been continually asking the questions, but there was a crucial element you left out, and that was to believe the information you were receiving. Your desire was to help all others come to understand this, but you can’t possibly do that until you have done it yourself. Your example will inspire millions.

You were correct in your assessment that your contribution will be made through your stories, and we’ll use one now to illustrate the point. Several years ago you made a decision to move in a new direction in your life but wasn’t sure how, and also identified obstacles you felt were in your way. Someone came into your life that exposed everything you felt were your difficulties, and at the same time introduced you to new information that provided the answers you were seeking. Some of that information was delivered through one individual that you”inadvertently” were led to hear this morning who confirmed what you had believed. How is this happening?

We know this is long but important. You were reminded of the song “We’ve Only Just Begun,” which was one you performed, was one of your favorites and you were inextricably drawn to the lyrics. You didn’t understand then, but you will know. Revisit the lyrics.

(“We’ve Only Just Begun”)

We’ve only just begun to live
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way
We’ve only begun

Before the rising sun we fly
So many roads to choose
We start out walking and learn to run
And yes, we’ve just begun

Sharing horizons that are new to us
Watching the signs along the way
Talking it over just the two of us
Working together day to day

And when the evening comes we smile
So much of life ahead
We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow
And yes, We’ve just begun


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