How do you know?

How do you know?

February 12, 2020

How do you know? It took Roger a while to allow this message to come through, for he, like most of you, do not trust the guidance he is given. Yesterday we gave Roger words that would help his client, but Roger at first doubted us but fortunately decided to usurp his limited thinking, deliver our words, and the client said, "this was timely and what I needed to hear."

Today Roger didn’t trust us again but decided to go against himself to aid all of you. You each are making decisions about your lives based on the past. Logically, you would do this, for it is the only frame of reference you have. Now, if you do believe on any level that you create your reality, why would you want to create an old one? We are giving these scenarios to show you how needing to be sure holds you back from taking action in your lives.

Years ago, we gave Roger a process he uses in his program entitled, "what are you hiding?" The point was to have each of you examine those things from your past of which you are ashamed or embarrassed, and find the value there. If you are hiding that, you have yet to find that significance. Last night, we led Roger to a video of a young, very successful entrepreneur. The presenter asked if you ever noticed that every extraordinarily successful and influential thought leader always gave their story. That story was what they were able to overcome to achieve the success they enjoy now. Roger didn’t trust that process we gave him years ago, which could help so many others. He will find that value and stop hiding his gift. We are speaking to each of you.
Each of you must ask yourselves; how do you know what is in front of you to do will not be that next big thing?


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