How could this be helpful?

How could this be helpful?

August 29, 2019

How could this be helpful? That question is one that Roger awakened to this morning, and it is also the one that all of you hold at various times in your lives. After he asked that question, we urged him to think of a message we had given him about a year ago to the day. The message spoke of the integrity of your life experience. What that means is that you each hold individual intentions and desires, and so that they may be made manifest in your life, there are conditions, people, and experiences that are an integral part of the integrity of your life experience, not anyone else’s.

Roger received his answer very quickly, as you all will when you become willing, as he is now. Roger had an emotionally challenging day yesterday, which led to people appearing in his life that essentially explained why things were occurring in the manner they were. Now he has joy! When you accept that there is an integrity that exists in your life, you will begin to see it. (Look up the definition of integrity)


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