Headaches might lead to empowerment

Headaches might lead to empowerment

May 28, 2019

As challenging as you might find it to allow this message to come through, the result that you will receive will far outweigh this momentary uncomfortableness.

You have always counseled others to understand that all of their life experiences hold meaning, value, and purpose; awaiting your
recognition. You then fall short of owning that belief yourself.

The other day you were inspired to write an article with the title of this message. You sent it to a friend who suggested you speak on it as it is something that holds back many. You resisted this idea, and now you will understand why.

For decades you experienced what you later came to know were cluster headaches. They are called suicide headaches, which was the feeling you held at times. At the time you were told there was no cure. You believed that and suffered greatly because of it. Now you know the process you employed to initiate healing, but you have been unwilling to share it because you feared you might be wrong; or you thought talking about it could bring the condition back. As you become willing to discuss this, you will offer help to more than you can image, and you will fulfill that part of your life purpose.


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