Go forth and prosper

Go forth and prosper

August 14, 2019

Go forth and prosper. We used that title as we knew it would capture the attention of many, as it is popular in your culture. We have often spoken of adages and sayings that you carry, and how they might resonate for you. Not all are beneficial. Anything that speaks of limitation is a human creation. Anything that smacks of expansion is from us.

Now the other thing we want to point out is Roger’s reluctance in writing this message, as he began hearing it a while ago and thought he could ignore it. But we would not let that happen. The point we wanted to make is you all do this. You receive communication, and because it doesn’t make sense to you completely, or it is leading you to something unknown, it conjures your fear.

When you reach that place in your life, and you question whether or not to go forth, your answer will be found in how you feel. You must come to trust that.


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