Getting better might be uncomfortable

Getting better might be uncomfortable

May 18, 2020

Getting better might be uncomfortable. Again we are attempting to find words that might make it easier for you to receive the intent of this message. We alluded to this yesterday when we asked why you would choose to be less than you could be. Many of you did ponder that question, which might have caused you to discover where indeed you have been choosing to be less. Now, as you contemplate making changes or new choices, it frightens you for you know you are moving into something unknown. We assure you that unknown will be better. While better is a subjective word, you each know what that means to you.

To aid all of you in moving through this part of your evolution, we will use Nelson Mandela. Last night Roger heard a quote from him, which will enable you to change your mindset. We say that because of the judgment you’ve placed upon yourself, which arises easily during self-reflection. Nelson said, "I never lose. I either win or learn." Apply that philosophy to your life now, and the current conditions of your world.

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