Fear and failure can be your best friends

Fear and failure can be your best friends

February 5, 2020

Fear and failure can be your best friends. We know that title may startle many of you, but that is because you believe that fear and failure are real, and they are not. Roger will use his story for clarity.

Roger often tells the story of his mother being asked what he was like as a child. She would hesitate a bit and then utter, "he was careful." Later in his life, he understood that was her code word for he was afraid. As Roger came to this interpretation and reached this conclusion, he wanted to move out of this state of being because it was uncomfortable. Roger would purposefully throw himself into somewhat fearful situations so he would find comfort by walking through them. Now, as he did this in his life, Roger also experienced what most humans would think to be failures. All of them served many purposes, including allowing himself to be perceived as a failure, but also to have him move to new situations which would ultimately lead him to where he was meant to be in his life.

Roger has often said, through us, that you each were born with purpose and meaning, and you are here to do something important in the evolution of all that is. Roger wanted to believe this himself but still doubted until last night. We are exaggerating a bit, but not much. Roger accepted a new client last night who looked at him for assurance as others had told her that her ideas and aspirations might be crazy. She thought she was too old now. She felt she couldn’t do all the various things she felt drawn to do. Roger could now aid her due to his life experiences. Each of you will do the same because of your experiences, even though you may not know that now. There will be more.


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