Evolution was never meant to be quick

Evolution was never meant to be quick

December 1, 2020
Evolution was never meant to be quick. We are giving Roger a lot of confusing information, just as many of you may be experiencing your lives now, but we told him just to type.

As we have said continually to remind you of the reason for the current events in your world, you are moving through a massive restructuring. It is again occurring within you. Each moment of your existence provides you with the opportunity to expand and become more, but most of you do not believe that is possible, especially within yourselves. When you couple that with your constant fear of the unknown, you can visualize the dilemma in which you have existed throughout eternity.

What you will witness in the coming days in your world are groups of people unwilling to change and accept the new opportunities provided to them, but the only question you will have is if you will be one of them? All that matters is what you chose to do in your evolution.

We gave Roger many processes and exercises years ago, but many of them only make sense now, and he knows why we gave them to him. One was practicing patience, which many of you will require. The reason we gave him this might be different than you think, but it will help inform the current restructuring. We are offering you this to apply to yourself but also the world.

You practice patience because as you evolve, you uncover talent, ability, and potential that you ignored in your life or didn’t believe existed. As you discover you were wrong, as we said to you yesterday in a sly way, you simultaneously expect instant results. You can see that would not have been such a great idea, for the thoughts you held about yourself before were so limited that acting upon them would not have many of you still in existence. As you contemplate this message for a bit, it will make sense, and we only wanted to impart that your evolution will move along brilliantly if you are patient with yourself.

Finally, we will leave you with the purpose of this restructuring and all the ones that have ever occurred. What affects one affects all. You will be fine.

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