Everything you need is always within you

Everything you need is always within you

September 14, 2018

Everything you need is always within you. Your story will aid all others if they choose to understand and accept its wisdom. You woke up and realized you had missed receiving a message from someone. Now it was in the middle of the night, so it was understandable that you would have noticed the communication.

You knew the call was for you to be of service. Then you recognized your feeling of regret that you missed the call and could not be of service. You felt those feelings because that is the innate
personality trait that has always been within you that you
simultaneously attempt to ignore, and then also judge as being a weakness when you see it.

Here is the gift. You all do this so don’t beat yourself up over this. The things about you that are natural and authentic are your gifts that you take for granted and fail to appreciate. As you and others come to recognize and own your unique gifts and use them as you intended, you will have everything you want.


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