Every one of you has been denying your gifts

Every one of you has been denying your gifts

February 6, 2020
Every one of you has been denying your gifts. This message is going to take a different turn, and it required Roger’s trust to allow it to come through because he is not sure it will work, as most of you aren’t sure of the guidance you receive individually.

First, we must establish a premise. The evolution of humankind and consciousness is accomplished through individual contributions of every soul. Those very contributions are the individual deciding to trust the direction they are given in their lives to do something. The reason the ideas of faith and trust were heavily encouraged in every religious or spiritual teaching is you will encounter information that you cannot explain fully, which was the case for Roger and his client yesterday.

During a consultation with his client, Roger told them to find the writings they had put away years ago because they didn’t understand or accept where the content originated as it didn’t even make sense to them at the time. Roger told the client to pull them out, and when they read them now, their importance and meaning would be evident. Later that day, the client emailed to say that is what occurred precisely, and both they and Roger were surprised, even though we had given Roger this guidance.

The guidance we gave him today was to have each of you search our writings on the website for the message, "Stop Fighting Yourself." It may appear we are speaking those words to Roger, but you are all one, so you each will find resonance.


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