Every mistake you have made has been perfect

Every mistake you have made has been perfect

October 1, 2019

Every mistake you have made has been perfect, and we thank you for being courageous enough to make them. That sentence is the answer all of you would hear if you were to ask the universe to assess your life so far. It is surprising that more of you do not understand this. A quick observation of your world would reveal this. One observation you would all do well to make is this particular period of time where many of your “celebrities” have released books of an autobiographical nature where they discuss their journeys and struggles, but also from a place of now clarity. Why do you think they are doing that?

Some time ago Hillary Clinton released a book with the title, “It Takes a Village.” Some scoffed, many didn’t understand, but now maybe you will. When you research the origin of that phrase, you will recognize the evolution of all that is, and your part in that.


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