Eventually, you will run out of excuses

Eventually, you will run out of excuses

October 3, 2017

Eventually, you will run out of excuses. As you continue to study that sentence, more and more will be revealed to you.

An excuse is what you have made up as a reason or justification for you not being who you are meant to be. It does sound completely crazy to decide to live a life where you intentionally choose not to be yourself, but you and most others do this. Again, as you study that last sentence, that first one will make more sense to you.

Uncovering, disposing of, and exposing your excuses as being lies, is the path to the empowerment that you seek. The difficulty you might face is beating yourself up when you keep discovering those excuses, but remember that is a good thing because it means that you are deliberately and intentionally deciding to evolve.


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