Eventually, you stop denying who you are

Eventually, you stop denying who you are

March 29, 2021
Eventually, you stop denying who you are. We were going to begin this message by stating how long it took Roger to write it, but we must report that time was shortened considerably. Roger’s prior hesitation in delivering some of our messages has been caused by his embarrassment at discovering things he thought he should have already known. We then always point out that if he had already known them, there would have been no point in him having a physical life experience.

You each are moving through a restructuring, and for it to accomplish what you set forth, you must also become willing to release your old self, which held all the limitations you wanted to move through in this life. You each will do what is for your evolutionary journey. Roger has known he was moving beyond the fear he held about whatever vision he believed he was given about his life, just like you. You may have difficulty accepting that you are the person born to achieve whatever you thought you were meant to achieve, and we tell you that you are or would not have been provided the vision.

Yesterday in a conversation with a friend, the friend remarked to Roger that he is continually "surprised" as he discovers these new elements of himself. Roger then commented that he would not judge himself for that behavior, and Roger also "remembered" what we told him in 1989. We told him to post that message here as it will help him and all of you, especially during the next several months of change in your world. Read the message and then know you will be fine.

February 3, 1989
You will find on this path you call life that there will always be revelations, so to speak, as you continue to remain "awake" and "conscious" on your journey. It will seem somewhat inconceivable that you have previously missed some of the more obvious answers as you view the experiences of your life. Be careful not to allow the revelations to cloud your view by remonstrating (I know you like that word) yourself for a feeling of inadequacy that is only your opinion. It would be much wiser instead to welcome the new awareness with gratitude, and you will find that they will occur more often. You have indeed uncovered a great deal about yourself, and isn’t that the whole point? Now you feel the impetus to continue with your work, and in so doing, you will find a deeper meaning to your endeavors. Relish in them.

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