Eventually, you come to understand why you were born

Eventually, you come to understand why you were born

January 9, 2021
Eventually, you come to understand why you were born. While we have spoken on this subject before related to your current restructuring, we have another story that may provide you further context.

Several days ago, Roger received an email asking him if he had heard a voice message this person left, which he had not. Then Roger attempted to return the call but had to leave a message. When the person returned the call, and the two of them had a conversation, Roger was struck with another memory that reminded him why he was born.

In 1978, Roger moved from Chicago to New York City. At the time, he left his business and some thirty-five employees. In particular, Roger’s attention was held by one person because Roger knew they were experiencing mental challenges, and Roger had always been supportive. Soon after Roger arrived in New York, he heard the news the person jumped off an apartment building to his death. The person, fortunately, left a note detailing the reason for their departure. Even with the letter, Roger has carried false guilt that maybe he could have done more, but that was not the reason for the experience itself, and it only made sense yesterday.

The person that called was ready to commit suicide. Roger was not fearful of this now due to his prior experience, which only revealed its purpose now. By the end of the conversation and after all the tears, the person ended up with more clarity and peace and sent Roger an email to that effect.

As you move through the next several months of your life, you will be called upon to remember why you were born and what you wanted to achieve. For each person, it will be moving through some previous limitations. For Roger, the experience yesterday revealed that the purpose of the program we created is being revealed now, as your reason will be shown. You will move beyond some limitation, for that is the only reason any of you were born. This period will be challenging, but it will be worth it, and it is the one you wanted, and you will be fine.

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