Embarrassment and empowerment do not coexist

Embarrassment and empowerment do not coexist

May 19, 2020
Embarrassment and empowerment do not coexist.
Roger had to find the right words to convey our message, for there was quite a bit we gave him. Now it might be a lot for many of you as well. This message will be one of our best.

Yesterday Roger had a lot of energy to get things done. First, he decided to send a newsletter to his community. Roger asked an assistant to edit a video where the opening minute consisted of testimonials from those with whom Roger has worked. Included in the newsletter is an offer to download a short book he wrote last week. Then intention of the book, and the testimonials for that matter, was to inform others of Roger’s work, and why he did that work and what qualifies him to do so.

Everything in the video and what Roger wrote in the book is accurate. After everything was completed and the broadcast was scheduled for this morning, Roger had the opportunity to reflect. When he reflected, he panicked, and abject terror overtook him. What will people think? We had to make it that dramatic to capture his attention. We are also giving him and you this now as a preemptive strike as the broadcast has yet to be sent. You see, Roger was so distracted while doing this all yesterday he didn’t have a chance to second guess his actions as most of you are prone to do.

What we want him and all of you to understand is something we have always said. You each are born with important stories that should be heard. And the expression of those stories causes the evolution of all that is. When you experience any form of embarrassment, you have yet to identify and accept your value and worth and that of your life experience. Many of you have allowed the emotional experience of embarrassment to hold you back from your magnificent self. Please stop it.

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