Don’t take anything personally!

Don’t take anything personally!

June 23, 2019

Don’t take anything personally! We thought the exclamation point would alert you and others to the powerful nature of this message. You have often referred others to that agreement from the book, “The Four Agreements,” and yet you found yourself not always able to accomplish this, as demonstrated to you yesterday. Anyone who chooses to understand this will also gain the ability to receive all the value from their relationships, and save many a marriage.

You had an incident with another where you had no awareness of what the other person was doing or thinking about you. So you went about creating a story of what you believed to be occurring, only to find out you were wrong, and the story you made up was one that reflected your sense of being ignored, insecure, and insignificant. Now, however, since you did take it personally, and became aware of it, You gained the value from the relationship. Others will as well.


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