Do it today

Do it today

August 6, 2019

Do it today. We wanted to begin with that very generic advice because it will apply to all who read this message. We are going to use Roger to explain, and we are going to do it in a manner where we pretend he isn’t here because it’s easier. If you find it weird to read or accept the form of this message, you will discover one of the barriers you have placed in your life, as Roger has done. You are always being given direction and guidance, but if it isn’t in a tangible, physical form, you doubt that guidance, and yourself.

Several days ago, Roger had a euphoric experience where he felt he had found finally the vehicle he could navigate to his desired life direction. He lamented to others; “I haven’t been this excited about anything in a long time.” The next day he filled his life with all manner of distractions; some self-created, and others he felt just showed up in his life. They were all created by him due to his resistance.

Then we stepped in! We took his schedule and fashioned it in a way where he “saw” the time available to do that thing. Then we took away his car for the day so he couldn’t leave his home. Then we had him listen to a video from his friend Victor, who he knows always says something to affirm where he is in his life now. Then we had the awareness come to him that what he is gaining from Victor, he has to offer others if he would only do it!

Today, he can not ignore that thing, and neither can you. You’re welcome.


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