Discomfort can be good for you

Discomfort can be good for you

May 31, 2019

No one could ever accuse you of not attempting to live what you teach and believe. Yesterday, you made a statement to a friend of an idea you had of creating a video where you explained that every difficulty you and others experienced in life, was created by the ego. You were going to explain that the ego was merely an imaginary figure you have built around you that you believed would keep you safe. When you attempt to move out of that safety, you experience some manner of discomfort as you attempt to do so.

You get confused at times when the discomfort you feel is leading you to something you wanted. Today you had that discomfort because you were about to take an action that was different than the one you might have taken because now you are choosing empowerment. While the effect may be temporarily uncomfortable, it will ultimately be good for you. Do the video.


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