Denying the world your gifts is a selfish act

Denying the world your gifts is a selfish act

December 8, 2019

Denying the world your gifts is a selfish act. You each are born with the same unlimited potential. Every aspect of you, including your characteristics, were given you so that you might contribute them to the evolution of the world.

Yesterday Roger worked with many clients who were seeking to find their purpose, some meaningful career, or a manner in which they could manifest abundance. Each of them presented with valuable experiences that have brought them wisdom that somehow they were too embarrassed to share and contribute. Please read that sentence again. Now Roger could see how they denied their gifts, as Roger has done the same. You each set up an arbitrary value of things and place yourself last.

It is surprising that more of you don’t see this. We will give you one example to ponder now. If you are reading this, you have also listened to many others while seeking to find guidance in your lives. Each of them gives you that guidance by sharing their experiences because they have placed value on them.


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