Demonstrate and teach what you wanted to know

Demonstrate and teach what you wanted to know

March 31, 2021
Demonstrate and teach what you wanted to know. We are accomplishing two things with the message. The first is we are answering Roger’s question as to what he will do during his webinar today. The second thing we are accomplishing is giving everyone else the road map to success and abundance in their lives, including you.

Every soul is born to evolve, and since you are all one and connected, whatever level of evolvement that occurs for you is felt by all. Many have not recognized their significance as Roger did not for years, and he will demonstrate and teach today.

We will give you the results tomorrow. However, we will provide you with something else to ponder. Many of you have leaders in various areas that become so because they share with you how they accomplished that, and those icons are never shy about discussing their challenges, for they know it will help you. Why would you not believe that about yourself?

You will eventually as you are being restructured, and you will be fine.

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