Decide to utilize your internal vision

Decide to utilize your internal vision

April 27, 2010

You struggled for a bit to find the right words to interpret what you are hearing from us, but that hesitation will make sense to you and others. You made a discovery yesterday, and the awareness that came to you was shocking to the point where you went right back to judging yourself for not having seen this behavior or yours, which obviously has allowed difficulties to manifest in your life. Now we will flip that experience on its side so you can utilize it.

What you experienced was the full utilization of your internal vision. Now, so others will understand you can share your embarrassing experience which made you hesitant to talk about it. You all do this, but you wanted to be a teacher, so get over your embarrassment and be helpful.

You were working with two clients over the past two days, who each expressed to you their gratitude for what you had offered them and the awareness they had gained through your counsel. In both incidents as you were receiving those accolades, you felt yourself pushing back, not accepting, or believing it was real and thinking they both must be delusional. No, you were. You’re welcome.


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