Decide to be Christ

Decide to be Christ

September 8, 2020
Decide to be Christ. We led Roger to a video with that title this morning as we wanted him to address it and point out that he attempted not to talk about it because we led him to the same video last night, but he "chose" to forget. What occurred prior will inform this conversation. Roger happened to awaken in the middle of the night, and his television was on with the show "Jeopardy" broadcasting. Roger heard one of the questions and also knew the answer. But because he heard the answer in a new way, it awakened a memory within him. For the first time, Roger is beginning to understand why we used the terminology, "you will remember."

The answer to the question was Christian Science, but the contestant said it a manner Roger had forgotten, which was, Church of Christ Scientist. Seeing those words together now made sense as to how he has shaped his life. Last week, Roger helped others understand the concept that you are born into the perfect conditions for what you are here to accomplish, meaning even choosing your parents. He could not see this part in himself, just like you find it difficult to accept your role, which is powerful.

Roger has held an idea this all meant something but, at the same time, dismissed it because he could not imagine himself holding those qualities, which is a misconception most have. Roger recorded a video yesterday to send to his family to discuss the upcoming election and his views. The experience was so uncomfortable for him as he thought being Christ-like might mean having no opinions, and nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus had opinions, and because he allowed himself to honor them, he actualized the Christ-like qualities within himself to demonstrate to you all so you might do the same. Please study this last paragraph again and again.

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