Could it possibly be you?

Could it possibly be you?

January 12, 2019

We are turning up the volume on this message as we want you and others to hear and accept its content. Once you do, you will have accelerated your expansion.

The fundamental question that you all ask yourselves is, could it possibly be me? You hesitate to answer that question, and for that reason alone, you create struggle and conflict in your lives.

Please tell the details of your story, no matter how weird it may seem to you. You woke up with the thought of someone you desired to hear, and then your iPad began playing that person without you doing anything. Then you hear a reference to something we gave you a while ago that referred to Pollyanna, meaning deciding to think all things are leading to good. Then you saw a demonstration of what felt to you to be ease and flow in your life, which reminded you of a message we gave you which was; feel for yourself. That means in each moment you have a choice of how you choose to feel, and that creates your life experience.

All of you would do well to answer that question. And yes, it could possibly be you.


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